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If you’re looking to plan a funeral at the moment then there’s probably a lot of questions running through your mind.
Questions like: How does it work? Cremation or burial? What happens with the will? How do I get a death certificate? What will the funeral cost? Will I be listened to?

We understand that it’s a challenging time, and having a supporting friend who can answer those questions and guide you through the process can help. For nearly 60 years, we’ve been that friend for many people – listening, understanding, patient, calm, sympathetic, respectful and open.

And like a friend, we are here to help you organise the funeral that fulfils your wishes.

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Cremation or burial? Flowers or donations? We are on hand to support you to make decisions that are right for you

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Funeral Process

Our simple, step-by-step guide will help you understand the funeral process

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Pre-paid Funerals

Helping you plan for the future so you know your family will be supported when they need it the most.

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