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Direct Cremation: A modern approach to farewell

Direct cremation has emerged as a new and efficient alternative to traditional funerals. 

The streamlined process and budget-friendly nature is perfect for  those seeking a simpler and more cost-effective farewell.

A direct cremation with W. J. Beswetherick and Sons offers your family:

  • affordability,
  • simplicity and comfort,
  • personalisation,
  • a greener alternative,
  • more choice.


Direct cremation offers a financially viable alternative to traditional funeral services. By removing elements, such as embalming, formal viewings, and ornate caskets, this option significantly reduces costs while maintaining the dignity of a respectful farewell.

Simplicity and Comfort: 

Direct cremation simplifies the process, allowing families to focus on the emotional journey of bidding farewell, rather than grappling with intricate arrangements. 

The procedure involves the respectful and timely transfer of your loved one from the place of passing to the crematorium, followed by the cremation itself. Without the complexities of ceremonies, families can find solace in a straightforward and stress-free experience during a challenging period.


Families still have the opportunity to hold memorial services, celebrations of life, or gatherings to honour the memory of their loved one. Removing time constraints enables more flexibility, empowering families to create meaningful and individualised tributes that reflects their loved one.

Greener alternative: 

Direct cremation stands out by utilising fewer resources compared to traditional burials, removing embalming fluids, large burial plots, and elaborate caskets. This environmentally conscious aspect resonates with the values of sustainability and conservation held by a growing number of people today.

More choice

By embracing direct cremation, we can shift our focus toward celebrating the lives of our loved ones, personalising the process, and finding peace during a challenging chapter.

The way we say our farewells is deeply personal. Direct cremation offers a compassionate and practical alternative to traditional funeral services, ensuring that the transition from life to cherished memory is handled with care and consideration.

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