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Coronavirus (COVID-19) statement from W J Beswetherick 


We have been advised by the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) to provide guidance for coronavirus (COVID-19) and funerals.

We are adhering to this code of practice so that we can protect families and staff.

The current message for funerals

The current message from the Government is that funerals should continue, but take into account all of the guidelines issued for minimising the risk of transmission.

This includes the need:

–       to protect at-risk groups

–       to avoid large gatherings of people

–       for good hand hygiene

–       to avoid unnecessary physical contact. 


This will help to protect:

–       those attending funerals

–       funeral home employees

–       crematorium and cemetery employees


It is vital that the funeral home, crematorium and cemetery employees remain healthy and able to work at this critical time.


The steps that are being taken to protect people


Depending on the degree of risk, measures that have been recommended by the National Association of Funeral Directors in conjunction with the Department of Health are as follows:


–       We will assess each funeral individually and advise families of the maximum number legally permitted to attend their chosen funeral service location. We will advise people of the option of organising a celebration of life or memorial service for a later date. Alternatives such as webcasting may enable other mourners to participate.


–       We will take steps to ensure all initial contact with the family (e.g. the arrangement meeting) is conducted remotely, via telephone or video link. However we will still allow families to visit our premises if requested and we will still make house visits if preferred, subject to observing Covid guidelines. We will assess whether they are in the Government-advised 14-day household isolation period and what effect that will have on the timings of the funeral service.


–       Our staff will only physically meet with family members if we are satisfied that doing so is consistent with government advice. As mentioned above, current advice is that members of the same household as an infected person or someone showing symptoms should self-isolate.


–       The limit on the number of mourners in attendance at a funeral is specific to each location and we will advise you on these limits at the time of making the funeral arrangements. There is no restriction on who is allowed to attend. 


–       It is still recommended that attendees keep to the social distancing recommendation of two metres apart if possible.


–       Anyone who is experiencing symptoms, such as a dry cough or fever (or lives with someone experiencing such symptoms) should be self-isolating, and we will underline this with our clients to ensure that anyone experiencing symptoms refrains from attending.


–       In the case of a burial, we are able to offer indoor and outdoor services in line with government Covid regulations.


–       We will be talking to venues about their cleaning regime, particularly in crematoria where contamination spread is a greater risk given the higher number of people attending the building on any given day.


–       We will allow donation boxes at the funeral, but encourage clients to use an online platform such as


–       We will consider areas of our property that have come into contact with members of the public and regularly clean them, such as wiping down limousine door handles. 


–       Our limousine meets the current Covid guidelines for protecting clients and staff and is available on request. 


–       We will allow small groups of family members and friends to a viewing on our premises. 


–       Anyone at the high-risk category who has been contacted by the NHS to stay at home should refrain from attending. 


Following these guidelines will ensure that everyone remains protected and we’d like to thank you for your support during this challenging time.