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Why we are supporting the Tell Us Once scheme

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We understand that telling people about the death of a loved one can be challenging.

We also understand that having to repeat that information for various government departments can be difficult.

Spending time on the phone having the same conversation, over and over, can be distressing.

That is why we are supporting the Government’s Tell Us Once (TUO) scheme.


TUO means that families are able to inform local and central government of a death just once.

This can be done:

  • face-to-face
  • by phone
  • online

This information can then be shared with up to 32 other government services, so you don’t have to.


Organisations that can be notified include:

Local Authority

Adult Social Services

Children’s Services

Blue Badge

Electoral Services

Library Services

Council Housing

Housing Benefit

Council Tax Reduction

Council Tax

Money owed to council

Concessionary Travel


Pension benefits and allowances

Working age benefits and allowances

Veterans Agency

War Pension


Personal Taxation

Child Benefit

Tax credits

HM Passport Office

UK Passport


Driving Licence

Vehicle registration


My CSP, Veterans UK, NHS, Scottish Public Pensions agency, Local Gov Pensions


To find out more about the Tell Us Once scheme, speak to one of our team on 01872 274021.